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The Lily welcomes families, couples, and friends who appreciate a lot of laughing together, and bonding together.


We respect our guests' views, and thank them for their honest and sincere reviews.

Apol Trivino & Family

Excellent service! :) very accommodating & pleasant staff. :) Very well-maintained house :) This is our BEST house rented! Hoping to come back soon! Thank you for giving us a memorable vacation :) 

Missy Arcenal and Family

Very polite. :) Super (met expectations). I'm thinking of my next vacation here. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Coco Pablo & Family

Very courteous. It has a good vibe. We'll surely come back.

Claire Anne Dycoco & Friends

Superb. We love Ate Grace. :) Food is excellent. We will come back for more. The w/o wi-fi experience is a nice detox for our kids and us too. Please continue the love for the home so we can visit some more. Thank you.

Aldwin Marcella & Co.

Very courteous and polite. I would recommend The Lily for big groups. Relaxing and well-appointed.

Jarrah Dima-ala and Family

All staff are very accomodating specially Ate Gracie. :) she treated us like a family. Please keep up this kind of nature & service. Exceeded our expectations, and will definitely recommend this house. :) <3 (Enjoyed) SO MUCH!!! You treated us like your own family. I am for sure everyone who'll visit your house will definitely enjoy the nature and the people. Looking forward to see you again soon. <3

SunLife Financial Philippines (Process Management)

Very accommodating—Ate Grace was able to provide all that we requested and agreed upon. The facilities are well-maintained and the food was overflowing and delicious! Please just add more lighting in the rooms. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. Our team truly enjoyed and had a fruitful teambuilding. 'Til next time!

Vina Lanzona & Family

Very friendly staff—competent and always willing to help—with a ready smile. Very beautiful house, but we didn't know we needed to provide everything from towels to kitchen stuff. Should've read website better. We enjoyed our stay very well. Despite a rocky start, everything else went smoothly. The house is so beautifully designed, and the staff was so good and friendly!

John Antonio Abayari & Colleagues

The staff/caretakers are very welcoming. Maasikaso sa guest dahil tinour pa kami sa main facility and pinaliwanag ang house rules and even pool. The main facilities are overall outstanding. The house is very clean when we first time arrived. The kitchen area is free to use and all of our needs are there that met my/our expectation. We all enjoy our stay here even though our stay is very limited. I would definitely go back here when there's a time.

Anne Tarrayo & Family

Very kind & accomodating. :) Expectations were even exceeded. My whole family enjoyed our stay. Thank you for such a relaxing stay, The Lily. We loved our stay and the house is really lovely.

Richard Aris & Friends

Ate Grace was so accommodating. Very much happy. thank you Ian.  

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