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    North Beach Road

    Barangay Ligtasin, Lian, Batangas, the Philippines

    The Lily Batangas

  • Hello, my name is Ian. And I'm delighted to welcome you into my home. It's called The Lily.


    It's named after my beautiful mother, Lilia. The home is a reflection of her calm, captivating persona.


    We are a simple house a minute's walk away from the beach. Experience the sea, stroll on the shore, sleep in, wade in the pool, or hit the town, and enjoy its simple, steady vibe.


    Welcome to The Lily.




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    The Lily is in Lian, Batangas.

    The community on which The Lily rests is called Lian, a sleepy beachside town.


    So expect a lot of rustic views, simple folks playing basketball, a simple beach (rocky in places, grey-smooth-sandy in other areas), and floating bamboo huts (called balsa) that you could rent—where you could bring meat or fish to grill, while taking a nice cool dip far from the shores, or appreciating the sunset from another angle.

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    Staying In. 

    The style of the home is contemporary Asian. With nice bright yellow walls, and a happy, chill atmosphere that I would love for you to experience. 

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    Peace & Quiet. 

    It has quaint living and dining areas, an indoor and outdoor kitchen, and lots of space for conversations, reading, and quiet contemplation.  

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    Inhale.  Exhale.

    There are two gazebos outside the house where guests can enjoy the quiet Batangas breezes, and a little gate that leads all the way to the sea.

    Outdoor showers are also ready for you, right after you take your dip in the ocean.

    (Don't forget your cold bottle of beer afterwards—just a suggestion.)

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    The vicinity is best suited for very slow walks in your comfiest flip-flops and light attire. Walk much farther (about 20 minutes), and you will reach the town of Matabungkay, that is rife with vibrant rural activity—tourists crisscrossing from or towards the simple beach, lots of little bars, grocery stores, and little markets called talipapa.






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    There's no TV and Wi-Fi—the idea is to immerse yourselves into some peace and quiet, at least for a day or two.

    Apologies, however, if some neighbors start to belt tunes from their own sing-along sets—the Philippines is karaoke country! It could be a great idea to join in while having an unplanned drink with the locals. It could be fun! :)

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    Take a Dip! 

    Have a nice little swim with someone special, right under the stars, with crickets and birds watching over you.

  • Read the Reviews

    The Lily is delighted and excited to meet you.

    May 10, 2015 · resort,Beach,resthouse
    Baldwin Cachero & Colleagues Excellent service and very friendly staff. Could not be better. Exceeded our expectations. Perfect venue for all types of gatherings. 10/10. Our strategic planning would have not been as successful if not for an amazing venue as The Lily. Thank you and 'til next...
    February 7, 2018
    Apol Trivino & Family Excellent service! :) very accommodating & pleasant staff. :) Very well-maintained house :) This is our BEST house rented! Hoping to come back soon! Thank you for giving us a memorable vacation :)  Missy Arcenal and Family Very polite. :) Super (met expectations). I'm...
    Lovingly taken from Ms Sharon Cuneta's official fanpage.  Please like her page and be a Mega-follower!   Copy and paste: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sharon-Cuneta/45489967514  
  • How to Book


    Check-in time: 2:00 pm. Check-out time: 12:00 noon

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    How to Book & Pay in Cash

    1. Text (0917-5533901) or Email (thelilybatangas@gmail.com) us your preferred date. We shall reply if the date is available. Please wait for our reply that confirms date availability.


    2. Once confirmed, deposit the 50% downpayment plus a P5,000 security deposit to:

    Account Name: Mariano Reyno III

    BPI Checking Account #: 1980-0005-39


    3.  Send a photo of the transaction slip to thelilybatangas@gmail.com. Kindly wait for our booking confirmation via our email or text.


    4. Fill out the Booked Guests Form. Click the 'Booked Guests Form' tab on the menu on the left side of your screen.


    5. Settle the balance (and other charges incurred during your stay) in cash, before checking out.


    6. The Security Deposit (after our caretakers' clearance) shall be returned 3 days after check-out via BPI Bank transfer.

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    International Payments via PayPal

    Important Note: PayPal charges a service fee of 3.4% plus P18.00 for every transaction. We shall add this service fee to the published rate. This applies to other online payment services.

    1. E-mail us thru thelilybatangas@gmail.com with the following details:

    Name / Country of Origin / Preferred date /

    Number of guests / Contact Number

    Special requests or inquiries


    2. We shall promptly reply with our availability and rate details, plus our PayPal details. E-mail us back if you agree with the rate details and conditions.

    3. After e-mailing us, you may already proceed with payment. Just enter this on your browser: https://www.paypal.me/thelilybatangas . You should be able to already send your downpayment plus a P5,000 security deposit, and receive an acknowledgment from PayPal.

    4. Please fill out the Booked Guests Form. Click the 'Booked Guests Form' tab above.

    5. Upon receiving the notification of your payment from us, you may now book your flight and head for The Lily!

    6. The 50% balance (and other charges, if applicable) may be settled before you check out. We receive only Philippine Peso cash payments.

    6. The Security Deposit (after our caretakers' clearance) shall be returned 3 days after check-out via BPI Bank transfer.


  • Our Rates

    Inclusives: In-property amenities, pool use and access to the beach.

    Non-inclusives: Food & beverage / Videoke / Personal Effects / Beach amenities: Floating hut, jetski, etc


    DEPOSIT. For reservations beginning June 1, 2017, we shall require a top-up deposit of P5,000.00 to cover incidental charges such as property damage or violation of house rules. Please click the FAQ page to know more about our house rules.

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    ABOVE: Exclusive Whole-House Stays

    *Your family and friends shall rent out the house exclusively. Also, these rates shall apply in Sat to Sun (or weekend) stays.

    *The same rates apply in exclusive weekday stays

    *In excess of 25: Additional charges will apply.

    *Room Photos: Click 'How to Book' (on the left)

    *All rates are VAT-exclusive

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    ABOVE: Non-Exclusive Per-Room Stays

    *Your family or friends will stay in rooms in the house

    *Rate is for Sunday to Saturday 12nn (or weekday) stays.

    *Saturday to Sunday stays are reserved for whole-house stays only (see first chart)

    *Room renters to share amenities with other guests


    *Room Photos: Click 'How to Book' (on the left)

    *All rates are VAT-exclusive

  • We Cook, You Eat!

    The Lily has a cooking service where you can experience local Batangas cuisine and regular favorites—so you don't have to lug your pot-and-pan collection all the way to The Lily!

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    1. RESERVE your dates of stay with us. Before we make food computations, you have to be booked with us first.

    2. E-MAIL us your food choices (scroll further down to see our Menu), and for how many guests. Note that we require a 7-day lead time (orders and full food payment) before date of stay, and longer if you are a large group (20 guests and above).


    Example: Mr. Lee's Choices (for 10)

    Day 1:

    Lunch: Grilled pork, steamed rice.

    Dinner: Sinaing na tulingan, steamed rice, sweet boiled bananas.


    Day 2:

    Breakfast: pork sausages and fried rice.

    AM Snack: Batangas Lomi


    3. WAIT for our e-mail reply. It will contain the raw market goods cost, and a 15% gratuity as cooking charge for our caretaker, Grace (she makes great lutong-bahay food that our guests rave about and crave for—please read comments under the 'Reviews' tab above). The amount must be sent immediately, or at least 7 days prior to your reservation.


    Have a relaxing foodie experience in The Lily!  



    Sinigang na Baboy or Bangus

    Adobong Manok o Baboy

    Pritong Isda, Manok o Baboy

    Steamed Vegetables (Okra, talong, sitaw and kangkong with bagoong)

    Pork Barbecue 

    Sweet and Sour Tilapia

    Sugpo in butter sauce

    Steamed Shrimp

    Inihaw na Isda, Pusit o Liempo

    Pork Humba


    Menudo ni Grace

    Allan's Sisig


    Breakfast: Tocino, Tapa, Danggit, or

    Hotdog with fried rice and egg

    The Best Batangas Specialties: Batangas Lomi

    (noodles in thick meaty soup) / Batangas

    Bulalo / Batangas tulingang sinaing sa gata /

    Bangus na Sinaing sa Kalamias / Paksiw na Pata


    Boodle Feast (let us know your choice combinations!)

    Other Filipino dishes (upon request)




    Fruits in season

    Leche Flan ni Grace (to die for!)



  • Things You Need to Know.

    You have questions, we have the answers.

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    Only booked guests are allowed access to The Lily.

    Additional guests shall not be allowed access. This is to ensure the security of the premises and our guests.

    Additional guests of a group that has checked-in earlier shall pay 500 pesos per head (for day trips, strictly until 8pm) or 1000 per head (for overnight stays).

    Walk-in guests are also discouraged access, except if there are no whole-house reservations for that day.

    Our maximum allowance is 25 guests to fit in all four air-conditioned rooms.

    Beyond this, we would allow as much as 40 guests upon request, provided the guest agrees that the rest shall be staying in open areas such as the living room, etc.

    Each guest in excess of 25 shall be charged a rate of 1,000 pesos a night. We shall supply a mattress per individual in this regard.

    We lock the doors and the gates after 11pm, to make sure everything—and everyone—is safe and secure.

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    We observe a 'first reserved, first served' policy.

    Reservation and booking are made official only when a bank deposit has been made.

    You'll need to send us proof of your transaction by sending a photo of the bank transaction slip to our e-mail. The first party to send the transaction slip (since we have overlapping inquiries) shall be given the right to proceed with the reservation.

    Important. The rental rates that have been agreed upon prior to payment shall hold until guest check-out.

    There shall be no discounts or payment adjustments should the guests reduce the number of their companions.

    The Lily also reserves the right to adjust the payments further, if the guest brings more than the expected number of companions.


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    Cooking Requests / Rates

    Lead time. Our caretaker needs to receive food requests and full payments at least 7 days prior to the actual rental date, to ensure that the food is prepped properly.


    Our Outdoor Kitchen. We have a basic kitchen, but it is complete with cookware and utensils. We also have a small grille.


    We have three convenient options for you.

    1. WE BUY INGREDIENTS + WE COOK FOR YOU: Please click "FOOD" on the website menu above.

    2. GUEST BRINGS INGREDIENTS + WE COOK FOR YOU: We have a cooking charge of P100.00 per guest per day.


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    Cancellation Policy.  

    Guests who have made reservation payments or advance cooking request fees will not be able to refund their payments for whatever reason, once the transaction has been made.

    As such, all agreements made via e-mail or text message shall be final.

    'Acts of God' or force majeure circumstances, such as typhoons, inaccessible roads, blackouts, floodings, etc., also do not constitute reasons to withdraw reservation payments, once they have been transacted. The same shall also not constitute reasons to rebook to another date (please also see next item, Rebookings).

    Guests who also cancel their reservations at any given time, for whatever reason, will not be able to refund any advance payment made.

    In instances where there are transaction issues, the Lily reserves the right to ultimately cancel the reservation or inquiry.

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    The Lily is not strict on rebookings, and would happily accommodate requests for rebookings at no charge, provided the arrangement is made at least 30 days prior to the original set date, and that the new date is open for reservation.

    Rebooking requests made 1-29 days prior to the original reserved date will not be honored, and any downpayment paid will be non-refundable.

    Rebooking requests are made only once, after which all advance payments or deposits will be forfeited.


    Upon our discretion, we reserve the right to allow rebookings, only if the house will, for any reason, not be able to accommodate the guests due to physical or technical issues, or related circumstances.

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    Alcohol & Cigarette Policy.

    We strictly adhere to a NO-Smoking, NO-VAPE, NO-Alcohol policy in the main house, and in and around the pool area.


    Of course, you may drink, smoke, and eat all you want in the open gazebos. (But please—do NOT throw foodstuff, or vomit in the pool water, and in the perimeter. These are part of our home's list of violations, see 'Penalty Notice' below.)

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    Swimming Pool Policy.

    1. The Lily does not have lifeguards, so you and your companions (and especially kids, PWDs and senior citizens) are swimming at your own risk. As such, we are prohibiting any kind of food, drink, chemicals or non-pool substances, 

    glass / breakable items, and cigarettes in and around the pool area and deck.

    2. Please bring appropriate swimwear. Casual attire is prohibited.

    3. Washing up before and after using the pool is required.

    4. Wet clothing and footwear are not allowed inside the house at any time. Please change in the outdoor changing rooms.

    5. The Lily shall not be liable for any untoward incident that may occur.

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    No Pets, Sorry!

    We know how much you love your little tykes (I do!), but unfortunately, you will have to leave them with your neighbor while you're staying at The Lily.


    Please prepare yourselves for 'visitors'. though. Welcome to the Philippines! Apart from the cheerful birds and crickets, there are also the occasional frogs, bats, insects, ants and other tropical animals or creepy-crawlies you might not be too familiar with. Don't worry, they come in peace.

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    Where is the nearest market? Your best bet is Lian Market. The produce is fresh and cheaper than most markets nearby. Upon entering Lian town (watch out for the arch), turn right upon seeing a 7-11. On the second street, turn left. You should be able to see the market. It's advisable to buy your goodies first before reaching The Lily.


    Could you rent a floating hut for us? How much? Our staff can. Just let us know in advance. The floating hut costs anywhere between 800 and 3,000 pesos, depending on the kind of hut and the season.


    Is there a mobile phone signal? Yes. The signal is strongest along the shore. Just walk about a minute or two from the house.


    Where could we get ice? After entering Lian town, there is an ice plant on the left side of the street enroute to The Lily. Each big ice cube bag is P35.00. Best to get ice before arriving at The Lily.


    Is the pool water cold? During the summer, the pool could get quite warm even during the evenings. It is because of the packed sand it's built into (the sand absorbs heat longer than soil). Otherwise, it's a comfortable kind of cold.


    If we have been informed that something is missing, what do we do?  

    All items in the house are accounted for, so if something goes missing, we immediately inform the last guest. We may ask for the guest to check their personal belongings if they have inadvertently brought the items referred to, or we may charge it to the guest's account.


    Do you have any resort-style amenities and services? We are a home more than a resort, one that's being serviced by two full-time caretakers (not helpers). If you would require additional staff to help out, we may hire helpers for you for 300.00 per day, per head.

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    How is the beach, and how far is it from the house? Lian and Matabungkay beaches are known for having calm waters. The sand and surroundings are nowhere near Boracay, Bohol or Palawan standards, but the sand is fine (there are rocky/hard coral spots in some areas).

    The beach, typical of tropical beaches, has 'moods'—while the shore is A-OK during the summer, the rainy season messes it up, and the resulting view might not be to everyone's liking. It's always best to walk along the shores to find the best spot for you.

    The beach, by the way, is about a minute's walk away from the house.


    Do you have a videoke machine? We don't, but we can rent one for you from our third-party suppliers at 1500 to 2500 per guest batch, depending on availability.


    What CAN'T we do in The Lily? You may pretty much do anything you wish in The Lily, except the following:

    1. Use of prohibited drugs

    2. Rowdiness / unruliness / making the house into a party place (we expect our guests to behave properly)

    3. Making a mess of our home (by improperly walking around in wet clothes or muddied footwear, splashing water unnecessarily, ruining our plants, not disposing of trash or wastes properly, or not returning things to their proper places). Hence, teambuilding sessions involving physical activities are highly discouraged.

    4. Theft or property damage

    5. Ignoring swimming pool policies (and not sharing the info with the kids in the household)

    6. Entering prohibited or private areas (the house has five rooms, 3 or 4 of which are for our guests, while one is for private use only)

    7. Causing injury to other people

    8. Smoking indoors


    IMPORTANT. Any one among these items constitutes a violation of our agreement, which would entail a penalty of not less than P2,000 pesos on top of the rental charge.

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    What do we need to bring?

    Here is a random list. Towels. Toiletries. Food (raw and/or cooked). Swimwear. Anti-mosquito spray. Extra outfits. Flipflops. Sunblock or Spray Tanning Solution. Meds. Drinks. (No corkage—bring as many as you want). Two empty ice chests: for your fresh market produce, and another one for ice cubes. Gameboards and books. Snacks.


    Is there Wi-Fi? Sorry, but we don't have it. But there are nice areas and quiet corners where you could have a great time with your friends and family.


    How do we get there? After booking with us, we will send you a text message that contains travel instructions from Manila. The best route is via SLEX-Tagaytay-Nasugbu. You may also search us in Waze: 'The Lily Batangas'.


    Could a booking be cancelled for any reason? The Lily management reserves the right to cancel any ongoing stay, and to ask for the rental balance even if the designated nights have not been completed yet, if guests are found to have wilfully violated house rules or are becoming a nuisance to the property or the neighborhood. We would like to reiterate that The Lily is a private home, not a resort. Let's keep it that way.


    Are there additional payments for access to the beach?

    There is no additional payment. However, our City Hall has announced (in January 2017) a per-head charge of 25 pesos for access to the town. They will issue a municipal stub for every payment you make.


    Is there beer, water available? Yes. Just let our caretakers know and they would be happy to order for you.

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    Are there restaurants around? There are. Though I personally find them pricey for the quality of food being served. It's best to cook in the house: it's convenient, your ingredients are guaranteed fresh, and everything just tastes better when you see it being prepared. (And yes, our caretaker is a good cook. Click Food on the menu on the left to find out more.)


    Who will do the dishes and clean up after us?

    As with most Bed & Breakfast homes around the world, the Guests (and not our caretakers) will have to do this themselves. We recommend that you bring paper plates and disposable cutlery if you're averse to the idea of cleaning up. We may also hire extra help for you for 300 pesos a day.


    Are there sports, hobby and golf facilities anywhere nearby? There may be jetskis and banana boats for rent, but this has to be arranged (we don't own any, apparently). The nearest golf course is Calatagan Golf Club, approximately 30 minutes from Lian. You may check out its website for service offerings.


    Do you have kitchen and dining facilities? Basic ones, yes. From utensils, and cookware, to spoons and forks, plates and glasses, and coffee cups. There's a refrigerator and a microwave oven. Nothing fancy, but you'll survive.


    Do you issue Official Receipts for Rental or Food? Definitely. An additional VAT of 12% shall apply.


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    Please read carefully.

    1. We have gathered reports of guests violating SIMPLE house rules—such as making a mess of the pool by vomiting right in the water and at the perimeter, and doing things like burning our pool umbrellas with cigarettes, item damages or loss, etc.

    While we strive to make things convenient and comfortable for our guests, we also expect them to behave properly in The Lily.


    2. Effective June 1, 2017, therefore, a deposit of 5,000 pesos to cover incidental charges shall be added on top of the 50% reservation deposit to cover any single violation made by guests despite their awareness of the property's rules and regulations, including but not limited to:


    *Property damage

    *Smoking inside the premises

    *non-compliance with above-mentioned policies

    *Vomiting/urinating in all places within the property except designated toilets

    *Vomiting or throwing food/drinks/non-pool related items in the pool and deck

    *Soiling the bedsheets and the interiors with personal / bodily wastes

    *Other related violations


    3. Should the violation be worth more than the incidental deposit, The Lily's management shall be issuing a formal complaint against the guest.


    4. The full incidental deposit covers the value of the item, logistical costs (such as fare and purchase costs), and the penalty for such violation. We encourage guests to strictly adhere to these rules.

  • Booked Guests Form

    This is to be filled out only after payment of the deposit. This is not a reservation form.

  • Contact Us

    Include your full name, contact details, number of guests, preferred dates, and other inquiries / requests.

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    FaceBook Messenger

    Add 'The Lily Batangas' and send us a message

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    Phone (texts only, no calls)

    0917-55 33 901